• Ashley Sirianni

Rich People Call it Credit, Poor People Call it Debt

The difference between you and a wealthy person? Access to Capital. What do I mean by this? Well, I mean about 90% of the earths population can't even scrape together a couple grand, let alone, have $50k sitting around to invest, open a business, or buy a property. Without access to cash savings, or credit, how are you supposed to get ahead and grow assets?

When I am able to use my own savings or get access to credit (aka leverage), my opportunities to get further ahead open up dramatically. Rich people have extra cash or credit to put money to work. Most poor people don’t. If you don’t have access to credit to open a business, guess what you’re not going to. Simple as that. If you don’t have access to a large sum of cash, are you going to be able to buy a property? Invest in stocks, gold, bonds or crypto? Definitely not. If you don’t have access to cash or credit, good luck.

The journey starts small, it doesn’t happen overnight and it will require a total overhaul on how you’ve been living your life. The middle class hasn't been taught to use their money to buy more money. We've been taught to buy stuff.

I had a couple ask me what they could do increase their personal wealth, and here’s a couple suggestions I’ve heard in my journey to pass along to you:


This is where we spend most of our money. Yep hard to believe but true. If you are in a high tax bracket, find ways to max out RRSPs (for those with corporate jobs that can’t get relief from taxes, because they don’t own a business), write your expenses off (if you're a business owner), or create a cash side business to offset taxation.


Notice how I didn't say make your coffee at home, or stop buying avocado toast. That will not do much. You have to work on increasing your income. Not something people like to hear all the time to be honest, but it's very underrated. So, moving jobs, asking for a raise, investing in your skillsets through certifications and free online learning, and creating income streams, are some awesome ways to do this. There's thousands of ideas on Google. You and your money should go where you're treated best. End of story.


Do you have a ridiculous car payment? Do you know that the average car payment is $500 a month. That money invested every month for 40 years, at an average compound rate of 8%, would get you literally almost $1.7 million dollars. There is a thing called opportunity cost, and it is real. Do you have multiple streaming services? An Amazon shopping problem? Are you drowning in stuff? Be honest with yourself here.

And lastly, and most importantly, invest in your own education. Youtube is a free library of all the most incredible minds teaching just about anything and everything. A suggestion I'd like to extend, is Mike Maloney's series on Youtube, "The Hidden Secrets of Money". If you've been looking for that foundational piece to act as a spring board, that is it.

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