• Ashley Sirianni

Deflation: Your New Best Friend

Imagine a world where your money got more powerful as time went on, not less. A dollar today, would be worth 2 tomorrow (not mathematical actuality but I’m making an illustrative point).

Currently, we are in an inflationary model. It needs constant propping up by central bank intervention, commonly known as money printing. Healthy, normal, free markets, should not require that kind of intervention. It is not normal that your money loses power everyday. Inflation punishes those who save, and celebrates those in debt. Which literally everyone from countries, to governments, to businesses, to individuals are (lol).

We have been brainwashed to think the word deflation is bad. When it actually is your best friend. Things get cheaper. Your wages allow you to purchase more. The cost of living goes down. Saving is rewarded. It’s beautiful.

Bitcoin is a deflationary asset, meaning it’s priced in something that goes up in power because of its finite supply. Cash is an inflationary asset meaning it goes down in power because of its infinite supply. So, all things that are measured in a dollar value, are actually creating illusions of wealth,

When we embrace sound money systems, by fixing the system, we fix the world.

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