Who is this woman

Comedian and actor turned.. financial enthusiast?

Yes, that's me on stage performing at the Comedy Bar Toronto a few years ago.

I loved comedy, but something was always missing. I missed school, using my brain, and learning. When Covid hit, and both industries I was involved with shut down over night, I realized quite quickly, at my age, without an income, just, what was I doing?  My spending habits were out of control, I had no savings, bought a car I couldn't reeeeally afford, and was living at home. Life had come and slapped me in the face. 

We all know we need money. We think about it from morning to night. We miss real moments in our lives to go make it. We fantasize about having more of it. 

So, why aren't the 99% financially free? Why do I always hear about rich people talking about assets, cash flow, stocks, and writing off expenses to offset taxation? All of this felt like an another language to me. And thanks to a friend in the banking industry, I was given the first step to my journey, The Hidden Secrets of Money, and it changed my life forever.